Access and rules

Access conditions

Access to the Library:
  • IQS and Ramon Llull University
  • AIQS Associates
  • Students and teaching staff from other universities (UB, UAB, UPC, UPF, UdG, UdL, URV, UOC, URL, UVIC-UCC and Biblioteca de Catalunya). Read agreement access to libraries
Access to the Study Room:
  • IQS University Community and Ramon Llull University
  • AIQS
  • From Monday to Friday the Study Hall is open to all. On Saturday identification is required, only URL students
  • University card of the URL issued by BSCH
  • IQS Library Card
  • Membership card for AIQS members
  • University card for external users


For the proper functioning of the Library and for the respect of its users and Library staff, we establish the following guidelines:
  • When entering and exiting the Library, you must pass through the access control system with the corresponding card.
  • Each card is personal and non-transferable. The improper and repeated use of the cards will be punished with the expulsion of those involved.
  • Library staff and other users should be treated with respect and education.
  • Maintain silence
  • No eating, drinking or smoking throughout the Library (lobby and interior stairs included)
  • Do not speak on your mobile phone throughout the Library (including the entrance hall and interior staircase)
  • Treat with care all the material of the Library: bibliographic collection, furniture and equipment.
  • Leave the books consulted in the trolleys or on the tables

On the other hand, we remember that:
  • Study rooms should be used for group work
  • The return dates of the loaned documents must be respected. Other users depend on this punctuality
  • There is a locker service at the entrance of the Library and inside the Study Hall. It can be used while the user is in these spaces. Library staff reserves the right to open lockers when necessary. The centre is not responsible for the deposited objects

In examination period:
  • IQS students will have priority over other users of the Library
  • It is forbidden to reserve a reading point for oneself and/or for other users.
  • The Library staff reserves the right to remove any material (books, folders and personal items) that occupies a reading point while its owner is not in the Library.

Non-compliance with the guidelines: penalties
  • 1st expulsion: the user will not be allowed to enter the Library for 1 week
  • 2nd expulsion: the user may not enter the Library for 3 months
  • 3rd and subsequent expulsions: the user will be excluded from any use of the Library and the Study Room for 1 year.  The Head of Studies, the Dean and the Director of the Centre shall be informed of the sanction