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  • 12-09-2018 Welcome to IQS!

    Welcome to IQS! We are starting the 2018/19 academic year!

    Do you want to meet our Library? As every year, the 1st year students will receive the visit of a member of the Library team, to explain you how the Library works.

    Good course start for all of you!

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  • 20-06-2018 Do you have summer readings?

    Do you have your summer readings?
    Do you need a travel guide?
    Do you want to begin a new hobbie?

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Outstanding novelty

  • Journal of chemical and engineering data : emerging investigators. -- Columbus, OH : American Chemical Society, 2018

    Special issue of Journal of chemical and engineering data, which focuses on emerging investigators, where Dr. Fèlix Llovell have published, as co-author, the article "Soft-SAFT transferable molecular models for the description of gas solubility in eutectic ammonium salt-based solvents".

    See the document in the catalog


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